The club offers a free search facility to members of the public who have had the misfortune to lose a metallic object valuable to them. We also support the Pied Piper Appeal and we hope that if we successfully find your lost object that you would like to make a donation by clicking the image above.

Needles in haystacks

If you need our help please contact us, we will be happy to arrange a search.

Do not disturb possible loss locations

March 2021

Congratulations to Amber Knights who has recently joined CHADS from Malta!
Amber answered our call for assistance on Friday to help Nick and his wife find his wedding ring ( also a family heirloom)  that he had lost while working on his allotment.
Amber managed to not only find the ring (which turned up in the remains of a bonfire!!)  but also found two military buttons and a token!

Amber reports:…….

“In our chatting whilst I was looking for the ring it came to light that Nick knows
someone from Malta, a journalist, that I also know ( extremely small world!).
He got in contact with her after I left and explained the story of his missing
heirloom and how he had contacted CHADS for help, and that I had successfully
found it for him in his dahlia bed. She loved the whole story and is now going
to publish it in The Malta Independent Newspaper on Easter Sunday. So Chads is
getting international publicity!”

Frances reunited with her late husbands wedding ring.

March 2021

Frances’s husband had unfortunately passed away 18 months ago and whilst gardening Frances somehow lost his wedding ring that she was wearing.
The club were contacted by her friend Alex and we managed to locate the ring and return it to her within an hour of arriving.
A very happy lady who will be making a donation to the Pied Piper Appeal.

August 2020

Having lost part of a reciprocating mower blade whilst mowing tall grass and being unable to continue, I began walking the Paddock thinking it might be visibly poking out from the cut grass or that I might feel it underfoot.  This proved fruitless and I was left pondering what to do as the broken blade poised a threat to future mowings and, more importantly the blade could not be repaired without the broken section. I then thought what I need is a metal detector or a metal detector enthusiast and began looking on the Internet.  Amongst a myriad of Detector sellers and 'rankers' I found the CHADS Club's Website and submitted a request for help in finding the broken blade section. I received a telephone call almost by return from Andrew Hawkins who offered to try and locate it.  The very next day I met with Andrew and, after calibrating his machine, he commenced searching.  After several hours of detecting and raking aside the cut grass I was delighted when the lost part was located.

I have no hesitation in recommending the service offered by the Club to try and find missing articles.

Ray Parkes
Paddock Owner